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Gearing Up Or The Essential Setups For Event Photography

Posted By Alex Mekkaoui Mar 13th, 2017

Recently, we held a workshop to cover the complex sport of Event Photography.  Local Photographer, Michael Chee, went over many topics such as different gear line ups, decision making within your arsenal, and even topics to go over with your clients. Today, I’m just going to go over the different gear set ups.

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Posted in Blog By Alex Mekkaoui

The 7 Camera Movements Of Highly Effective Directors

Posted By Alex Mekkaoui Feb 28th, 2017

Before, there were only wide shots. Then came the first close up (of a cat no less) which seemed to break many conventions. And, in 1903’s The Great Train Robbery, Camera movement was born with the introduction of the pan. Ever since, camera movement was not just explore, but encouraged. So, why are camera movements so important to storytelling?

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Posted in Blog By Alex Mekkaoui

9 Easy Ways To Feel Miserable As A Filmmaker

Posted By Alex Mekkaoui Feb 17th, 2017

This past weekend, we had local film director Carlos Tovar speak about the basics of filmmaking. As part of his curriculum, he went over a short list by filmmaker Paul Bright about how to feel miserable as a filmmaker (a sort of cautionary tale to anyone with cinematic dreams). Some of these may seem simple, harmless habits, but over time they could take a toll on a filmmakers psyche.

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Posted in Blog By Alex Mekkaoui

Holiday Shootout at Prime Camera Recap

Posted By Cesar Gil Dec 14th, 2016

On December 13, 2016, we through our Holiday shoot out event where we invited the houston community to come and experience Prime Camera Photo and Video. We provided food, rentals, and a snowy prime studio session to photograph models! The event was a huge success, here is some media of the night. 

Photographer Firas Hasan

Photographer Christopher Brown

Photograher Terry Turner


Photographer Wolf's Ink Photography

Photographer DivineMaiden Photography

Photographer DivineMaiden Photography

Posted in Blog By Cesar Gil

Prime Camera Holiday Sale!

Posted By Prime Camera Dec 6th, 2016

At Prime Camera, our Holiday Specials are so spectacular  that we've decided to extend them to the end of the year!

Here are just some of the deals we have:

  • Batteries buy one get one half off
  • Photo bags and accessories 5% off
  • Backdrops, kits and accessories 5% off
  • Monolight accessories 10-15% off
  • Buy select LED lights and get a stand for $20
  • Monitors starting at $75
  • On-camera lights $99
  • Video Tripods $145
  • Free grey cards with select lenses
  • Free SD cards with select cameras
  • If you swing on by, make sure to mention "Prime Holiday" to get 10% off your next rental!

Don't miss out! We are located at:

11500 S Sam Houston Pkwy West
Houston, TX 77031

Hours M - F 9 am - 6 pm
Saturday 10 am - 3 pm

Call 713.988.2818 for questions!

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Ask Prime Camera Episode 1

Posted By Prime Camera Nov 9th, 2016


Hi! My name is Curly Marshall. I'm a professional photographer out of Houston Texas.

I'm here at Prime Camera to answer this week's online question. This question comes infrom John D. Palmer.

"Any advice for shooting in low-light situations with no flash and armed only with a telephoto zoom lens"

When using the telezoom lens with no light you need as much ambient light as possible.

Using the lens that has a wide open aperture like a 2.8 it gives me enough light in most low lighting situations.

The smaller the f stop the larger the opening the more light into the lens.

You can also use a higher ISO like 1600 or 3200 then we have to talk about grain.

Or you can use a slower shutter speed which would let in more light but I think the best answer would be wide open aperture.

Thanks for watching and remember to submit your questions to #askprimecamera or leave your comments below! 

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How to switch the Mount on the Varicam LT from EF to PL

Posted By Prime Camera Nov 9th, 2016

Today, we will be showing you how to change the mount on the Varicam LT from EF to PL. It's simple, easier than you think, and that's why it's today's quick Tip!

Note: This becomes increasingly easier if you remove all the accessories.


First - turn the camera on it's end. Get a 1 1/2 millimeter Alan wrench. You will have two sets of screws that sit at about the 10:30ish and about the 3:30ish on the camera. They're on the side ring that's right behind the mount. Go ahead and take your Alan wrench and start removing the screws. Don't remove them completely but back them off just enough to where you can see them coming out.



Next, we are going to grab our PL mount, remove the tape.

Now, take the EF mount and using your thumb and middle finger, place them on the black ring that's behind the EF mount,  twist to the left as best as you can. If it's brand new and you haven't changed the mount before, you will have to give it some force.


Once you get it going though, take the camera and turn it back on the side you would mount the V lock plate. Once you do this, you will be able to remove the mount.


Now, take your PL mount and line it up with the contacts on the bottom. Go ahead and place it in. Start rotating to the right ever so gently.

TIP: Every time you hit a resistance point, go ahead and wiggle the mount just a bit. This frees it up to see if it has any turning room. Go ahead and flip it onto the battery lock plate and continue to turn and wiggle. Basically you are going to want to get the Alan head screws that you originally released, back to 10:30 and about 3:30 on the other side.


If they are not already backed out, go ahead and back up the screws a bit more. Now lock down the Alan head screws. Once they are locked in, all you need to do is a quarter turn and that's all you need to do for torque.


And that's all there is too it! That's how you change the Varicam LT from EF to PL. Check out our website PrimeCamera.com for more information.





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